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Organic Fungicide (Sanjivani)

Sanjavini is to protect crops from algae and other types of fungus and virus so that they don't go bad. In more than 1000 crops such as cotton, cumin, groundnut, bananas, cereals, coffee, grapes, canola, peanuts, all vegetables, etc.....

Vegetable Oil and triterpenoids base Organic Product

5ml per 15 Litre of water

Mode of action:
It protects plants from bacterian and fungal pathogen

To instant protect plants against fungal and bacterial disease like Powdery mildyu, Downy mildyu, Root Rots, White Fungal Rots, Die Backs, Oil Spote, Dark Spote, Dark spots in fruits, fruit spoilages, plant and leaf burning.

Used in:
Crops: Cotton, Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane, Sunflower, Ginger, Potato, Tobacco, Cumin, Castor, Dil seed etc
Fruits: Apple, Lemon, Citrus, Orange, Mango, Guava, Chikku, Pomegranate, Kaju, Almonds, Grapes, etc.
Orchards: Tea, Coffee & Coco, Black Pepper etc
Vegetables: Watermelon, Strawberry, Chilli, Brinjal, Bhindi, Cucurbits etc
Flowers: Gerbera, Rose, Orchard, Mogra, Jasmine, Champa, Sunflower etc

10 ml

RS 60/- (inclusive of all taxes)

Batch No:

MFG Date:
6th Dec 2011

EXP Date:
3 yrs from mfg date

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